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An insight to the Laxminarayan Best Chiwda. We serve quality and love, Around the world!

So, what does it takes to establish a branch that touches people’s heart?

Well, it takes a lot but above all it takes time and experience. An experience that becomes a crucial part of your brand’s story. An experience that gives you some business lessons, better than any business school. It’s the best teacher. And most importantly it helps to understand your customer better.

There are plenty of things that we would like to mention when it comes to our remarkable success. Click on the link to see.

Referring to a Hindi proverb “the way to a man's heart is through their stomach.”

Laxminarayan Chiwda is all about the taste. It’s in our family we all are the people of taste.

We have a great name at our home, Pune.

Certainly, we can’t rely just a thing or two. Especially a brand like us which serves globally!

So, here are some points to elaborate further.

The Quality and Consistency-

We maintain our relishing taste through our magnificent packaging. We have always kept it simple, and we feel that’s the way to go!

The taste of LaxminarayancChiwda used to be a simple mixture of flattened rice, peanuts and spices. It's the same now, our products define Pune city's character. This why we are the most loved brand at home, and now it’s the matter of international love!

Our main principle is to maintain the homemade aspect of our snacks and thus we handpick the ingredients, with absolute delicacy and continue what we do the best.

But one thing is certain. No matter what laurels we accomplish, our taste, quality and value for customer’s trust will always remain the same.

Our Principles

We our perfection has emerged through our principles. It’s like an emotional attachment. We have attained such respect as a brand that we can’t risk our quality of our products. We are the people of strong business ethics that we will never lose.


With a lot has been said on the taste. We should not overdo it. But our taste is not the only authentic factor. There is something more to it, something that actually contains the taste. The packaging of the product. Once the production procedure is done, we make sure that it reaches to customers as it is, tasty, fresh and delightful. The packaging keeps the chiwda unaffected. No matter wherever you roam with it.

The love

We can’t sum it up in words how ‘thrilling’ and ‘fascinating’ it is to be loved by millions. To be honest we never thought about it. We always had our ambitions on sky. But this feeling that we get, is incomparable to any other in the whole world.

We welcome it by our open heart and it actually gives a certain kind of satisfaction, It’s just the power of love.

We get love and we spread love.

Go ahead and check what our customers say about us.


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