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What’s your snacking IQ? Ask a dozen people what they think of snacking, and you’ll likely get a dozen answers. It ruins your appetite, it makes you gain weight, it’s an excuse to eat chips and candy, it’s something to help pass the time while you watch TV. Many people mistakenlythink it’s a bad...
So many small aspects add up to a business’ reputation. LaxmiNarayan Chiwda has earned its title of being the ‘taste of Pune’ due to its attitude towards various aspects of popularity. We have sustained a long journey and are now at the stage of growth and expansion.
For many, Chiwda = Lakshminarayan is an irrefutable equation. The distinct, unwavering taste of our scrumptious Chiwda is something that has been associated with flavour of the bustling city of Pune from time immemorial. A legacy spanning across 8 decades...
Imagine sitting a with a cup of piping hot tea, wishing for something tasty, crispy, crunchy to feast on. Laxminarayan Chiwda is the perfect rescue for your cravings! Established way back in 1935, Laxminarayan Chiwda today is identified as a significant part of Pune’s food culture.
When asked, “what makes a great brand?”, everyone tends to describe the output of the brand i.e. the experience that a consumer has when it comes to product, price, promotion and place. Everyone talks about the end result, and not what it takes to “make a brand great”.
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