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LaxmiNarayan Is Indeed Very Special

When asked, “what makes a great brand?”, everyone tends to describe the output of the brand i.e. the experience that a consumer has when it comes to product, price, promotion and place. Everyone talks about the end result, and not what it takes to “make a brand great”.

The Making - In case of Laxminaryan Chiwda, it was sheer penchant of chiwda-making that laid the foundation of the brand in Pune, when Mr. Laxminarayan Data, founder of the massive enterprise, had begun the journey by selling the taste of Maharashtra on the streets with a handcart.



Gaurav Shinde

Traditional chiwda makers having variety of chiwdas.Rice flakes & Corn flakes are best in class,Potato chips and potato chiwda are also good options for fast.Situated on narrow one way street ,will have to look for parking options there.

Tahir Abdulla

One of the best chiwda you could ask for. A variety ranging from corn flakes and potato to rice flake/pohachiwda. Also have other products like bakharwadi and peanuts. Though you can buy from any other store in Pune selling chips and namkeen, go here to buy the freshest. No cards accepted

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